What’s the difference between raw footage and an edited video?


Any videographer, no matter how good, will have times when their shot is imperfect in one way or another.  I do my very best to capture video that's perfect right in the camera, not thinking, "This can be fixed later in editing."  Still, I take shots that would need to be cut out in editing. 


Just like a photographer might take 1000 shots at a wedding and edit them down to a 100-image album, I’ll shoot 2-3 hours of footage (depending on yoru package) for what should wind up being a 30-minute edited video.  


My biggest selling point is that I'm a well-seasoned videographer with a keen eye for capturing great moments.  By offering my shooting services without editing, I am able to provide top-quality footage for couples who want to edit their own videos or hire a professional editor when they can later afford to do so.  With today’s economy, I’m finding more and more couples drawn to this unique approach.